The Technique of Stampaggio articoli tecnici in gomma

Rubber is used in a wide number of products ranging from clothes wringers to printing presses and its own elasticity makes it appropriate for specialized equipment mountings designed to reduce vibration as well as for various kinds of shock-absorbers. It is useful in the manufacture of cushions, balloons, balls, and posts such as air hoses gear, and chemical and medicinal tubing, so that as a lining for storage tanks, processing products, and railroad tank cars. Because of their electrical resistance, rubber is also used as insulation as well as for protective gloves, shoes, and blankets, energy- for and transmission belting water-lubricated bearings in deep-well pumps.

Molding articoli tecnici in gomma and rubber processing for several industrial applications is a specialty of ILGA. With more than 70 70 years of expertise in the business, ILGA h AS has built it self as a leader in the area of production and molding articoli tecnici in gomma. ILGA has been lauded for providing professionalism, versatility, expertise and assistance from the beginning of a task until the realization of articoli tecnici in gomma is finished.

stampaggio articoli tecnici in gomma

The stampaggio articoli tecnici in gomma business is gone into by a large percentage of rubber creation. Its qualities like non slip, soft, durable, resilient makes rubber the first-choice for playground gear, sneakers, mats, flooring, healthcare supplies, family supplies, balls, toys and thousands of other rubber items. Rubber used rubber tires are usually re-cycled to make other things like coats, sneakers, bags, jewellery and mulch and comes in a sizable variety of textures, styles and colours.

ILGA has been specializing in rubber processing and stampaggio articoli tecnici in gomma for all industrial applications since 1946. Specialized expertise throughout these 7-0 years of service, the passion and commitment h-AS make ILGA a cuttingedge company in the creation of specialized rubber posts. It’s always specialized in the construction of both medium and small sequence – in specific high quality rubber to consumer requirements.

Servicing stores, mostly and huge industrial businesses of any dimension in the equipment sectors, mechanical, chemical, food and wine and plant, achievement has been accomplished by ILGA. Various things such as mole polishes for glass, posts in rubber, technical articles, articles with rubber steel attack are produced by ILGA. Anti-vibration, tapes and diaphragms, belts and caps, joints and plugs, gaskets for sort ILGA also produces on request every use items for transportation and drilling of fluids.

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