Since centuries ago, people have been using the Buddhist mala prayer beads for different reasons. The usage continues to grow in popularity. Today, mala bracelets which are the version of the traditional prayer beads are used by not just the Buddhists alone. They are used by a huge number of other cultures even as fashion for their aesthetic values.

The use of mala prayer bead is part of a Buddhist tradition. These are usually made of different types of precious and semi-precious stones and each of these carry their own effects or potent energy. There are different uses of these mala beads. They can be worn as necklace or can be wrapped around the wrist as bracelet.

The mala beads were traditionally used for meditation. They were used for focusing one’s concentration during spiritual practices or while chanting mantras. There are many valuable properties of different types of mala. The turquoise mala beads are believed to balance anxiety and anger. Also, Aventurine mala prayer beads help in the better circulation of blood while pearl mala beads increases fertility and ease childbirth.

Choosing from a wide selection of different mala can be difficult. Therefore, following your instinct can be a wise step. You can also choose a mala according to the color that attracts you so that there will be more chance of you wearing the mala more often. Also, you can also choose according to your intention of yoga practice. It is wise to know the unique energy and property before choosing your mala.

It is believed that a mala can be a powerful instrument or an influential tool in your search for wellness. Different mala prayer beads can help the user to lead a better and more balanced life. Choosing the right mala for yourself can change you for the better.

Today, you can even order for a beautiful mala online. You just have to select the desired one from a wide selection of beautiful ones and make the required payment.

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